Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Creators of FRONTIER

Jason is a writer living on the Norfolk / Cambridgeshire border, where he holds back the sea with an old dustbin lid and some twine. He spends most of his days teaching English to secondary school children, armed with another dustbin lid for protection. For the rest of the time, he dreams of other worlds and times populated with monsters, heroes and talking vegetables. Sometimes, he also writes about them.

Jason grew up learning to read from long-gone comics such as Monster Fun, Buster and Topper, before he went on to the more violent comics that have warped his brain. For years, Jason wrote the adventures of Captain Winston Bulldog, a doggy pilot in a world full of those aforementioned monsters, heroes and talking vegetables. Most recently, he wrote a comic book version of Frankenstein which is often used in schools, and now he writes Frontier for The DFC, which is full of monsters, heroes and, er, talking vegetables. Maybe he needs some new ideas…


Born in a previous millennium, Andrew (or simply, WILDMAN as many call him) has been pursued by giant robots for many years. This almost Transformed his life forever but it would seem that he has finally escaped them only to find that he is now pursued by Werewolves and Monsters. Ah well, could be worse. Unfortunately he has a pathological fear of horses but fortunately does like wearing hats so not all is lost as he embarks on a new Frontier.
Future adventures beckoning are a battle with Dragons and a period of time in a dreamworld that may hold some amazing answers to his long journey.
When he is not on the run he enjoys playing a big wooden drum and watching movies with his lovely wife, but not at the same time, that would be really annoying.

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